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Enero 2017

Conocé el talento oculto de Gisele Bündchen

La modelo sorprendió a sus seguidores de Instagram con un video en donde da a conocer un gran don, que hasta ahora no había salido a la luz
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  • Gisele Bündchen. Foto: Instagram

Además de una exquisita belleza, Gisele Bündchen posee un talento oculto. Sorprendió a sus seguidores de Instagram al subir un video en donde canta una canción y toca la guitarra.


Obrigada @AnaVilelaoficial por ter criado uma música tão verdadeira. A letra é tão inspiradora que até me arrisquei a cantar #trembala #mandandoamor☀🙏🏼❤Thank you @AnaVilelaoficial for such a truthful song.The lyrics are so inspiring that I decided to take a risk and play it. #sendinglove Lyrics: It's not about having all of the people in the world for you It's about knowing that somewhere someone is looking after you It's singing and being able to hear more than your own voice It's about dancing in the rain of life that's falling on us. It is knowing to feel the infinity in a universe so big and so beautiful It's knowing to dream And so make it worth every verse, of that beautiful poem about believing It's not about getting on top of the world, knowing that you won It's about the climb and feeling that the way just made you strong It's being shelter and also home for other hearts And this way have friends with you in all of the situations We can't have everything What would be the fun in this world if it was like that That's why I rather have the smiles, and the gifts that life brought closer to me It's not about everything that your money is able to buy But all of the moments and smile that we get to share all around Not about running against the time to always have more Because when you least expect, your life ran out of time Just hold your son in your arms smile and hold tight your parents while they are here Cause life is a Bullet train , and we are only passengers waiting to leave

Un vídeo publicado por Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) el

El tema elegido es Trem-Bala de Ana Vilela, un canción que se hizo viral hace unos meses a través de Whatsapp. Su voz dulce y un escenario idílico hicieron irresistible el click y en menos de 24 horas ya sumaba más de 1.5 millones de reproducciones.

La modelo compartió en la red social varios momentos especiales junto a su esposo, el jugador de fútbol americano Tom Brady y sus dos hijos Vivian Lake (4) y Benjamin Rein (7).



Una foto publicada por Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) el


Thank you God ❤️🙏❤️ Obrigada Deus #happythanksgiving

Una foto publicada por Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) el


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